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Active Team Registrations
DivisionShirtCaptainTeam Name
Spring FloorballBlackCasanova, DanZero Pucks Given
Spring FloorballCharcoalWhite, KrystaEskimo Bros
Spring FloorballKiwiQuinn, BradyEl Squado
Spring FloorballRedwalton, michelleEden Hall Warriors
Spring FloorballTexas OrangeDawson, TravisThe Professionals
Spring FloorballWhiteMorgan, CaptainFree Agents / Groups
Spring CornholeCamo BlackDageforde, DanHOLE WRECKERS
Spring CornholeHoneyArrasmith, JennCornzillas
Spring CornholeNavy Bluehatcher, DougStarch Farts
Spring CornholePinkChargois, BrentCorn To Be Wild
Spring CornholeWhiteWimbish, AnsleyBagnificent 6
Spring CornholeWhiteMorgan, CaptainFree Agents / Groups
Summer KickballChestnutSedlar, CoreyWilly Nillies
Summer KickballGoldFord, AndreRum Hams
Summer KickballNavy BlueWhite, LindseyKick in a Box
Summer KickballWhiteKastelberg, LizIce Tigers
Summer KickballCarolina BlueFinke, JeffreySuck my Kick
Summer KickballMint GreenBryan, JebPrestige Worldwide
Summer KickballMint GreenGarthright, ZephThe Kickin' Squirrels
Summer KickballNavy BlueGittings, RachaelBalls and Boujee
Summer KickballPurpleHorn, MadrennaMadrenna's Team
Summer KickballRoyal BlueMaitland, JustinBalls on Base
Summer KickballBrown, Alicia(new team)
Summer KickballCardinal RedFordham, DouglasSettle Down, Keith
Summer KickballCardinal RedSpiker, DanielReagan Smash
Summer KickballCarolina BlueBennett, KevinSwag All Day
Summer KickballCarolina BlueClement, ChristopherButt Sweat and Tears
Summer KickballCarolina BlueKurbel, StephenLumber Party
Summer KickballCarolina BlueMoses, PatrickThe Mosei and the Red Sea splitters
Summer KickballCharcoalBailey, JosephRiver City Rats
Summer KickballCharcoalGeorge, MichaelYour Pitch Makes My Kick Hard
Summer KickballIrish GreenGrunwald, MatthewRed Balls and Vodka
Summer KickballMint GreenBryant, TravisStar City Kickers
Summer KickballMint GreenKnight, HeatherHoney Badgers
Summer KickballMint GreenThomas, JasonThree Kicks To The Wind
Summer KickballOrangeBurke, RobertHit It and Bounce
Summer KickballPinkSanders, KeithDAMONation
Summer KickballSapphireAker, ColinBoot & Rally
Summer KickballSapphireHawks, AshleyThunderstruck
Summer KickballSapphireRobertson, RebeccaRichmond Kickers
Summer KickballSapphireSmith, AshleeWe’d rather be with our dogs
Summer KickballTenn OrangeCross, JosephMe, Me, Me, Me, Me!
Summer KickballYellowMacKenzie, GeorgeBIG Montana??? CHILD PLEASE!!!
Summer KickballWhiteMorgan, CaptainFree Agents / Groups
Summer KickballGressett, David(new team)
Summer KickballBlackMarin-Solis, KelvinKickerz Not Chutes
Summer KickballBlackSushko, EmilyBallin' under the influence
Summer KickballCardinal RedPest, RachelITAC'rs
Summer KickballCarolina BluePham, FordLaNd PiRaTeS AaAAaAARRRRrrrRrrRRRgghh!!!!
Summer KickballDark HeatherBlackburn, TommyDon't Stop Ballieving
Summer KickballGoldJames, MartinaBall Me Maybe
Summer KickballGoldSmiley, DavidKicks Out For Richmond
Summer KickballIrish GreenFeddo, PeterREAL Irish Green
Summer KickballJadenguyen, phuongHit Faced
Summer KickballJadeTrapp, LucyWasted Potential
Summer KickballKiwiRobertson, LeighCapTech
Summer KickballLight BlueGates, CharlesOutlaws & In-Laws
Summer KickballLight BlueScipione, MichaelLong's Dongs
Summer KickballMaroonBaker, Hannahdrop the ball, not the beer
Summer KickballMaroonBeecher, KelseyPitches Be Crazy
Summer KickballMint GreenBrydon, JohnUnacceptable Risk
Summer KickballMint GreenLillard, ElizaKick Kick Pass
Summer KickballMint GreenMills, AdamBig Swingin' Kicks
Summer KickballMint GreenSimmons, KyleSIT ON MY BASE
Summer KickballNavy BlueStobbart, JohnKick Jagger
Summer KickballPurpleRhoton, RobA__ holes In The Outfield
Summer KickballRedOwens, BryanFireballers
Summer KickballRoyal BlueDeis, JohnYou're Killing Me Smalls!
Summer KickballRoyal BlueMarron, KellyWD
Summer KickballRoyal BlueSusbilla, ChelseaBalls en Fuego
Summer KickballRoyal BlueWhite, KrystaBalls n’ Dolls
Summer KickballSapphireCavaliere, SarahWe Got the Runs
Summer KickballSapphireHays, TylerKick Jagger Swagger
Summer KickballSapphireHutchison, ClarkFoot Butchers
Summer KickballSapphireNaleway, StevenWhere My Pitches At?!
Summer KickballSapphireOrth, KatherinePitch Please
Summer KickballSapphireRogers, JohnBrews on First
Summer KickballSapphireStone, AnnieSaved by the Ball
Summer KickballSport GreyLawyer, AndrewBall In The Family
Summer KickballSport GreyRicci, MikeHarry Balls Potter
Summer KickballVegas GoldJoshi, ParthBooze on First
Summer KickballWhiteParrott, VinceDominion Payroll
Summer FootballWhiteMorgan, CaptainFree Agents / Groups