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Active Team Registrations
DivisionShirtCaptainTeam Name
Summer DodgeballWhiteMorgan, CaptainFree Agent Singles
Summer DodgeballAntique OrangeAttkisson, ZackBallsagna
Summer DodgeballCarolina Bluestrickland, courtneyPatches Heroes
Summer DodgeballCharcoalEhrlich-Beard, ErinDodgeball Durangos
Summer DodgeballForest GreenHamilton, WillThe Procession of Former Lovers
Summer DodgeballIndigo BlueRowley, ShaneDinosaur Ice Machine
Summer DodgeballMint GreenDiesselhorst, CurtisHoly Hand Grenade
Summer DodgeballMint GreenOliver, RichardValar Morghulis
Summer DodgeballMint GreenWalker, SheehanMighty Duckers
Summer DodgeballRedCaldwell, LaurenCum Dodge
Summer DodgeballSapphireRobbins, WilliamThe Dodgefathers
Summer DodgeballVegas GoldMcNeill, MartinGoldmembers
Summer DodgeballWhiteEwton, CourtneyFallopian Swim Team
Summer DodgeballCharcoalMorris, KaseyBeef Train
Summer DodgeballKiwiWheeler, DavidGrundle Punch
Summer DodgeballMint GreenMannion, CaraBalls N Dolls
Summer DodgeballMint GreenRhoton, RobHurls Gone Wild
Summer DodgeballNavy Blueptak, susanDino-mite
Summer DodgeballPurpleEres, DanHit It And Quit It!
Summer DodgeballPurpleMcgee, MeaganSlumdodge Millionaires
Summer DodgeballPurpleZiegengeist, JoeTeam 21A
Summer DodgeballRedCrowder, JamesDraft Dodgers
Summer DodgeballRoyal BlueNguyen, PhuongHit Faced
Summer DodgeballSapphireCarroll, DrewDixie Wrecks
Summer DodgeballWhiteHyderkhan, ArielMother Duckers
Fall Axe ThrowingWhiteMorgan, CaptainFree Agent Singles
Fall Axe ThrowingBlackKelley, GennyThe Hash Slinging Slashers
Fall Axe ThrowingCamo GreenWinnagle, NathanAxe Body Slayers
Fall Axe ThrowingCarolina BlueOGrady, PatrickBack that axe up!
Fall Axe ThrowingCharcoalTautic, RaymondAxecessive Drinking
Fall Axe ThrowingForest GreenAyoub, CaitlinHard Wood for Big Axes
Fall Axe ThrowingForest GreenDunn, MaureenRandom Axe of Violence
Fall Axe ThrowingGoldLaRue, CodyKiss My Axe
Fall Axe ThrowingJadeThien, MitchellThe Axeholes
Fall Axe ThrowingLight BlueByer, ScottDoug Axe Photography
Fall Axe ThrowingLight BlueGarda, MattMaster Splinter
Fall Axe ThrowingMaroonKroll, AaronThrowin our axes off
Fall Axe ThrowingMilitary GreenDingman, ChrisLumberJackson 5
Fall Axe ThrowingMint GreenSurbrook, BeckyChop, Chop
Fall Axe ThrowingOrchidOrange, JoshBack Dat Axe Up
Fall Axe ThrowingRedWolff, EmmaCan’t Chop Won’t Chop
Fall Wed KickballWhiteMorgan, CaptainFree Agent Singles
Fall Sat KickballWhiteMorgan, CaptainFree Agent Singles
Fall KickballAntique OrangeFisher, AlexPitch Please
Fall KickballBlackByrum, LindsayTrial By Combat
Fall KickballBlackDuong, Taey50 Shades of Duong
Fall KickballCharcoalBritton, KellyEnema of the State
Fall KickballCharcoalLawyer, AndrewBall in the Family
Fall KickballForest GreenBaldwin, SarahSir Kix A Lot
Fall KickballForest GreenSteers, DylanMultiple Scoregasms
Fall KickballGoldBrown, AliciaCups and Cleavage
Fall KickballIndigo Bluecrowe, meganPitch, Please
Fall KickballIrish GreenKargl, BrendonTemperPack
Fall KickballIrish GreenTrainor, TylerTequila Mockingbird
Fall KickballJadeNelson, ErikWho's To Say
Fall KickballJadePham, PriscilliaTUNA SUB
Fall KickballMint GreenThompson, ScottYou Wine Some, You Booze Some
Fall KickballNavy BlueCywinski, TimBlue Ballers
Fall KickballPinkAtkinson, Abbybasic pitches
Fall KickballPinkBuckingham, AlisonSlick Kicks
Fall KickballPurpleFoutz, RachelLife's a Pitch
Fall KickballRedSmiddy, Dana#howoftendoyoulive
Fall KickballSapphireMannion, CaraRum Hams
Fall KickballCharcoalDuffour, MichaelPitches Be Trippin
Fall KickballDark HeatherLee, CliffTown Drunks!! Lit as Ballz!!
Fall KickballGoldConverse, WesleyI Already Kicked That
Fall KickballIndigo BlueMacLeod, KatherineBallers
Fall KickballIrish GreenStewart, AndrewKicking Under the Influence
Fall KickballMaroonStifter, JenniRed, White, and Blue Balls
Fall KickballNADunn, MaureenJames River Insurance Company Kickball Team
Fall KickballNAJones, JosephKicktoberfest
Fall KickballSapphireMatthews, Grantwill update
Fall KickballTenn OrangeAker, ColinBoot & Rally
Fall FootballLight BlueWinnagle, JenniferMuchachos con Queso
Fall FootballWhiteWinnagle, NathanThe Illegal Use of Hands
Fall FootballAntique OrangeKeeton, PaulKids Watching Dogs Watching Kids
Fall FootballBlackReynolds, CaseyRedheads
Fall FootballCamo BlackWiggins, MichaelKillaz
Fall FootballCharcoalWhite, KrystaDrop it like it's hot
Fall FootballDark HeatherPatel, MilanVCUMedicine
Fall FootballForest GreenAbril, JasonUnnecessary Toughness
Fall FootballIrish GreenToomey, RalphPatoon taxi
Fall FootballJadeEaster, BrittanyHooray! Beer?
Fall FootballJadeFauth, AnthonyAny Drunken Sunday
Fall FootballJadeO’Connell, JimBoobies
Fall FootballLight BlueNelson, BrettTittsburgh Feelers
Fall FootballMilitary GreenWalker, MarkitaCan’t Touch Our TDs
Fall FootballMint GreenRelyea, JessicaStiffin' Up the D
Fall FootballNARifenburgh, DanielFeeling Lucky
Fall FootballPinkWatterson, SamanthaDon't Take My Mom to Pound Town
Fall FootballRedHarper, ChrisSparky Starters
Fall FootballRedSouthall, WhitBurnCity Vol. #9: Feathers’ Knee, A Celebration of Life
Fall FootballRoyal BlueRozzell, BillyOne Last Try!!
Fall FootballSapphireAttkisson, ZackFourth and Drunk
Fall FootballSapphireConley, ThomasBetter Late Than Nevers
Fall FootballSapphireHase, ScottThe Replacements
Fall FootballSapphireJones, CoryHold Deez TDS
Fall FootballTenn OrangeMauck, VernonToasted Cheezers
Fall FootballVegas GoldBrown, JeannetteSuper Happy Fabulous Footballing Best Friends
Fall FootballWhiteBrockwell, WayneWhite Claw
Fall FootballWhiteCarroll, DrewDixie Wrecks
Fall FootballWhiteGibson, NeilSmokin Jay Cutlers
Fall FootballWhiteNieto, RoddyMiami Sharks
Fall FootballDark HeatherMcEwen, RoyFree Agents
Fall FootballGoldSmith, JenniferLike My TD’s
Fall FootballGoldTarchokov, EmilyRushin' Mafia
Fall FootballMint GreenHogan, JamesOld Dirty Bastards
Fall FootballMint GreenWoodruff, JustinTouched By a Stranger
Fall FootballPinkClaiborne, DellPenetrators
Fall FootballVegas GoldWells, MatthewSmash!
Fall FootballWhiteFernandez, TreyCrucial Taunt
Fall FootballYellowHnatowski, MikePast Our Primetime
Fall FootballWhiteMorgan, CaptainFree Agent Singles
Fall WiffleballBlackBernheart, MatthewWhispering Eyes
Fall WiffleballLight BlueAlga, JohnnyKing Swingalings
Fall WiffleballRoyal BlueConkle, JoshuaDon't Shift On Me!!!
Fall WiffleballWhiteReynal, JoshTickle My Wiffle
Fall WiffleballBlackKonvicka, KellyWish A Pitch Would
Fall WiffleballBlackWeissbart, KristaTake a Wiff of This
Fall WiffleballCardinal RedCovington, JoshHoney Nut Ichiros
Fall WiffleballCarolina Bluechappell, darylWhiff These Balls
Fall WiffleballCarolina BlueHarvey, IanIf You Hit It, They Will Run
Fall WiffleballCarolina BlueSpiker, DanielLast Call Pitches!
Fall WiffleballDark HeatherEwton, CourtneyTBD
Fall WiffleballForest GreenWhitmore, PaxtonEveryday I'm Wifflin
Fall WiffleballGoldRedmond, BrianI'd Hit It
Fall WiffleballJadeSmith, AshleeMake Wiffleball Fun Again
Fall WiffleballLight BlueMartin, BrooksBall and Oates
Fall WiffleballMaroonPeck, RyanRVA 69ers
Fall WiffleballMaroonWallace, RileySandlot Squad
Fall WiffleballMint GreenThompson, JasonWhere My Pitches!?
Fall WiffleballNavy BlueArcher, KelliePolice Catz
Fall WiffleballNavy BlueBerger, JacobThat's What We Said
Fall WiffleballPurpleLindamood, JustinField of Creams
Fall WiffleballSapphireFordham, DouglasSettle Down, Keith
Fall WiffleballTenn OrangeDisbrow, JamesCreamsicles
Fall WiffleballTenn OrangeHawks, AshleyThunderstruck
Fall WiffleballTexas OrangeBryant, TravisStar City Wiffers
Fall WiffleballAntique OrangeScipione, MichaelLong's Dongs
Fall WiffleballBlackParrott, VinceDominion Payroll
Fall WiffleballCardinal RedDarnes, ChristopherBeef Train
Fall WiffleballCardinal RedMcDonald, PaulBang Bus All Stars
Fall WiffleballDark HeatherKing, JeffreyKramerica Industries
Fall WiffleballGoldWoodard, CliffordChick-fil-A with Wiffle fries
Fall WiffleballHoneyRhoton, RobA__ Holes in the Outfield
Fall WiffleballIndigo BlueBaldwin, Alan8 Bases
Fall WiffleballMilitary GreenPastore, Leigh AnneMaster Batters
Fall WiffleballMint GreenEsposito, MargaretAlcoballics part II
Fall WiffleballMint GreenLillard, ElizaWiff Wiff Pass
Fall WiffleballNavy BlueVan Ness, AlexWe'll Bust Your Ballz
Fall WiffleballNavy BlueWhite, KrystaTijuana Milkshakes
Fall WiffleballOrangeLiberto, NicPitch Slappin’
Fall WiffleballRoyal BlueChamberlain, ClintWeng Weng
Fall WiffleballRoyal BlueLipscombe, JaredWiffle bombs
Fall WiffleballRoyal BlueMickle, SamFor the Love of Beer
Fall WiffleballRussetDahn, BrittanyTheraballers
Fall WiffleballSapphireMills, AdamWiff Dis
Fall WiffleballSapphireMoore, ReillyThe Bunt Cakes
Fall WiffleballSapphirePest, RachelITAC'rs
Fall WiffleballSport GreyLang, MariaThat's our Plate!
Fall WiffleballSport GreyMacKenzie, GeorgeCHILD PLEASE!!!
Fall WiffleballTenn OrangeCaddell, MichaelMeatball Sliders
Fall WiffleballWhiteMorgan, CaptainFree Agent Singles
Fall BasketballBlackChargois, BrentScottie Pippen All Over The World
Fall BasketballBlackMireles, SamGlobo Gym Cobras
Fall BasketballForest GreenHellman, JeremyBushwood All-Stars
Fall BasketballWhiteBrockwell, WayneWhite Claw
Fall FloorballOrangewalton, michelleEden Hall Warriors
Fall FloorballPurpleWhite, KrystaEskimo Bros
Fall FloorballSapphireCottongim, MariahCity Dogs
Fall BowlingWhiteMorgan, CaptainFree Agent Singles