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Active Team Registrations
DivisionShirtCaptainTeam Name
Summer KickballAntique OrangeGinger, IanWe Got the Runs
Summer KickballBlackWojohn, WilliamDad Bod
Summer KickballCarolina BlueFinke, JeffreySuck my Kick
Summer KickballCarolina BlueMorris, MichaelPitch, Don't Kick My Vibe
Summer KickballCharcoalBall, NathanielYour Pitch Makes My Kick Hard
Summer KickballGoldBright, JamieSweating 80 proof
Summer KickballGoldMannion, CaraRum Hams
Summer KickballJadeWeinstock, StephenSit on my Base
Summer KickballKiwiRamsey, MasonBig KickBaller Brand
Summer KickballLight BlueBradshaw, ParkerSporting Bud Light
Summer KickballMaroonRohle, ShreveSit on my Base
Summer KickballMint GreenBryan, JebPrestige Worldwide
Summer KickballMint GreenGarthright, ZephThe Kickin' Squirrels
Summer KickballMint GreenKnapp, ColeFree Ballers
Summer KickballNavy BlueRawls, EvanPancake Breakfast
Summer KickballNavy BlueWhite, LindseyPitches be Crazy
Summer KickballOrangeGittings, RachaelBalls and Boujee
Summer KickballOrangeReynal, JoshKickelob Ultra
Summer KickballPurpleHorn, MadrennaCome on Our Bases
Summer KickballPurpleSedlar, CoreyWilly Nillies
Summer KickballSapphireMarks, NicoleS-crew Your Mom
Summer KickballSport GreyThompson, ScottYou Wine Some, You Booze Some
Summer KickballWhiteKastelberg, LizIce Tigers
Summer KickballYellowHarris, KatelinAll My Pitches Love Me
Summer KickballYellowKrausse, JanisKicka Pleazz
Summer KickballYellowMartin, BrooksBall and Oates
Summer KickballAntique OrangeHenry, RodneyReally Dude!!
Summer KickballAntique OrangeKroll, AaronKickin Balls and Takin Names
Summer KickballCardinal RedFordham, DouglasSettle Down, Keith
Summer KickballCardinal RedSlocum, BrooksThe Incrediballs
Summer KickballCardinal RedSpiker, DanielReagan Smash
Summer KickballCardinal RedYakush, MatthewPitches Ain't Sh*t
Summer KickballCarolina BlueBennett, KevinSwag All Day
Summer KickballCarolina BlueBooker, JeromeBalls and Dolls
Summer KickballCarolina BlueCarroll, Sarah AnneEAB
Summer KickballCarolina BlueClement, ChristopherButt Sweat and Tears
Summer KickballCarolina BlueDisbrow, JamesRubber Busters
Summer KickballCarolina BlueKurbel, StephenLumber Party
Summer KickballCarolina BlueMoses, PatrickThe Mosei and the Red Sea splitters
Summer KickballCarolina BlueQuinn, MikeKicking singles, seeing double, and drinking triple
Summer KickballCarolina BlueSmiddy, Dana#howoftendoyoulive
Summer KickballCarolina BlueWells, ThomasKickalicious
Summer KickballCharcoalBailey, JosephRiver City Rats
Summer KickballCharcoalGeorge, MichaelYour Pitch Makes My Kick Hard
Summer KickballDark HeatherWhitmore, PaxtonDon't Come On My Base
Summer KickballForest GreenBruni, BenKickelob Ultra
Summer KickballForest GreenHeiter, KohltanLiver Let Die
Summer KickballGoldBrown, AliciaCups and Cleavage
Summer KickballGoldDuffour, MichaelPitches Be Trippin
Summer KickballGoldIlijevich, MollyPitch, Don't Kill My Vibe
Summer KickballHoneyMcDonald, PaulSHOTGUN!
Summer KickballIndigo BlueCross, JosephMe, Me, Me, Me, Me!
Summer KickballIndigo BlueLenhart, SydneySlim Kickins
Summer KickballIrish GreenBurch, AshleyWin Or Lose We Still Booze
Summer KickballIrish GreenGrunwald, MatthewRed Balls and Vodka
Summer KickballIrish GreenRienecker, AllisonHit & Run
Summer KickballJadeHunt, TimThree Kicks to the Win
Summer KickballJadeMarcellin, SarahRed Balls and Vodka
Summer KickballJadeSmith, AshleeWe’d rather be with our dogs
Summer KickballKiwiIsani, MichaelBall Don't Lie
Summer KickballLight BlueCarrier, SarahOne Kick Wonders
Summer KickballLight BlueMartin, RileyMcK Ultra
Summer KickballLight BlueTuteral, MichaelOne Kick Wonders
Summer KickballMaroonTaylor, GallionPitches Be Crazy
Summer KickballMint GreenBryant, TravisStar City Kickers
Summer KickballMint GreenCollier, AprilDodgeball Victims Recovery Group
Summer KickballMint GreenGaynier, MatthewBalls, Bitches, & Beers
Summer KickballMint GreenKeogh, KatherineWeng Weng
Summer KickballMint GreenKnight, HeatherHoney Badgers
Summer KickballMint GreenMoore, TurnerFam Feels
Summer KickballMint GreenRichardson, StephenBallaticians
Summer KickballNavy BlueHarrell, JasonWhat's the Score..Hold My Drink
Summer KickballNavy BlueStiff, JoelKentucky Fried Kickin'
Summer KickballOrangeBurke, RobertHit It and Bounce
Summer KickballOrchidRemme, MeredithHoly Balls Batman
Summer KickballPinkSanders, KeithDAMONation
Summer KickballPinkWillis, JoshRic Flair
Summer KickballPurpleGillman, ZacKick-fil-A
Summer KickballPurpleMenzies, MattMain Street Dukes
Summer KickballRedHarper, ChrisKick me outside, How Ball Dat?
Summer KickballRedJarboe, JoeWe’ve got the runs
Summer KickballSapphireAker, ColinBoot & Rally
Summer KickballSapphireBerger, JacobThat's What We Said
Summer KickballSapphireDickens, ChristopherFlying Hambones
Summer KickballSapphireHawks, AshleyThunderstruck
Summer KickballSapphireNewman, MatthewQuit Your Pitchin'
Summer KickballSapphireSkayhan, JakeGet Rich or Die Tywin!!
Summer KickballSapphireThomas, JasonThree Kicks To The Wind
Summer KickballTexas OrangeShamburger, CarterChampagne Campaign
Summer KickballWhiteBardaro, JenniferTrippin' Ballz
Summer KickballWhiteByrne, KerryJiminy Kick-It
Summer KickballWhiteEaster, BrittanyBeer? Hooray!
Summer KickballWhiteMiller, RobertThe Bigger They Are, The Harder They Ball
Summer KickballWhiteo'brien, johnTha Alchobalics
Summer KickballYellowMacKenzie, GeorgeBIG Montana??? CHILD PLEASE!!!
Summer KickballYellowTanner, HopeSuck My Kick, Pitch
Summer KickballWhiteMorgan, CaptainFree Agents / Groups
Summer KickballAntique OrangeMatthews, GrantSudsy's Investigation Shutdown
Summer KickballBlackGover, MaryLookin to Score
Summer KickballBlackMarin-Solis, KelvinKickerz Not Chutes
Summer KickballBlackStroud, RileySit on My Base
Summer KickballBlackSushko, EmilyBallin' under the influence
Summer KickballCardinal RedColleran, JoeKickin' Balls Hard
Summer KickballCardinal RedPest, RachelITAC'rs
Summer KickballCarolina BlueGuh, JulienOne Kick Wonders
Summer KickballCarolina BlueHodges, JohnBroad Street Bombers
Summer KickballCarolina BlueKessery, ClarkFighting Macaque
Summer KickballCarolina BluePerera, RobertKickball Team 2016
Summer KickballCarolina BluePham, FordLaNd PiRaTeS AaAAaAARRRRrrrRrrRRRgghh!!!!
Summer KickballCarolina BlueRicco, AnthonyIsotopes
Summer KickballCarolina BlueVan Ness, AlexRoundabout Deez Balls
Summer KickballCarolina BlueWinslow, MelanieIt's My Kick in a Box
Summer KickballCharcoalFeddo, PeterBroad Street Tank
Summer KickballDark HeatherBlackburn, TommyDon't Stop Ballieving
Summer KickballGoldJames, MartinaBall Me Maybe
Summer KickballGoldSmiley, DavidKicks Out For Richmond
Summer KickballHoneySkelton, AngelaBallz inya FACE
Summer KickballIndigo BlueEngelund, JuliaOne Kick Wonders
Summer KickballIndigo BlueMayfield, Anne BarrrettBad News Beers
Summer KickballIrish GreenGressett, DavidBeers, Balls and Babes
Summer KickballJadeBurris, JenniferCome all over my base, baby!
Summer KickballJadeFoutz, RachelLife's a Pitch
Summer KickballJadenguyen, phuongHit Faced
Summer KickballJadeTrapp, LucyWasted Potential
Summer KickballJadeWishon, AllisonKick It and Quit It
Summer KickballKiwiDouglas, ChrisBig Ole Balls of Justice
Summer KickballKiwiRobertson, LeighBallzinga
Summer KickballLight BlueGates, CharlesOutlaws & In-Laws
Summer KickballLight BlueGigliotti, KristaLIFO the Party
Summer KickballLight BlueScipione, MichaelLong's Dongs
Summer KickballMaroonBaker, Hannahdrop the ball, not the beer
Summer KickballMaroonBeecher, KelseyPitches Be Crazy
Summer KickballMilitary GreenAmbers, BrittanyBooze On First
Summer KickballMilitary GreenHicks, JasonTURTLE GIRLS REVENGE
Summer KickballMilitary GreenWeir, TylerYou Would Catch My Balls
Summer KickballMint GreenBrydon, JohnUnacceptable Risk
Summer KickballMint GreenDahn, BrittanyTheraballers
Summer KickballMint GreenLang, MariaKicking It Old School
Summer KickballMint GreenLillard, ElizaKick Kick Pass
Summer KickballMint GreenMills, AdamBig Swingin' Kicks
Summer KickballMint GreenSimmons, KyleSIT ON MY BASE
Summer KickballNavy BlueStobbart, JohnKick Jagger
Summer KickballNavy BlueTautic, RaymondBallers
Summer KickballOrchidDawson, TravisWe’ve Got the Runs
Summer KickballOrchidGreen, HarrisonThe MasterBasers
Summer KickballOrchidMehta, BhaveshNaMaSlay
Summer KickballPinkDOUCET, TONYRobot Soccer
Summer KickballPurpleHarrington, AubreySlim Kickins
Summer KickballPurpleMacLeod, KatherineBaller
Summer KickballPurpleMadan, AvneetWe drink and we kick things
Summer KickballPurpleRhoton, RobA__ holes In The Outfield
Summer KickballRedFronczak, RichardJust Here For The Bud Latte
Summer KickballRedOwens, BryanFireballers
Summer KickballRoyal BlueBallou, KateFive Star Generals
Summer KickballRoyal BlueDeis, JohnYou're Killing Me Smalls!
Summer KickballRoyal BlueMarron, KellyKickbait
Summer KickballRoyal BlueSusbilla, ChelseaBalls en Fuego
Summer KickballRoyal BlueWhite, KrystaBalls n’ Dolls
Summer KickballSapphireBland, BreckSlick kicks
Summer KickballSapphireBritton, KellyEnema of the State
Summer KickballSapphireCavaliere, SarahWe Got the Runs
Summer KickballSapphireConverse, WesleyWe Tied Once
Summer KickballSapphireCywinski, TimTenacious D and the Kick of Destiny
Summer KickballSapphireDuong, TaeyRESist the Duong
Summer KickballSapphireFuhrmeister, KimKickin' Ain't Easy
Summer KickballSapphireHays, TylerKick Jagger Swagger
Summer KickballSapphireHutchison, ClarkFoot Butchers
Summer KickballSapphireJoshi, ParthBooze on First
Summer KickballSapphireLuginbuhl, JakeKickin' It Old School
Summer KickballSapphireNaleway, StevenWhere My Pitches At?!
Summer KickballSapphireOrth, KatherinePitch Please
Summer KickballSapphireRobertson, RebeccaRichmond Kickers
Summer KickballSapphireRogers, JohnBrews on First
Summer KickballSapphireSagadraca, Jason2 Claps and a Ric Flair
Summer KickballSapphireSmith, JenniferShow Me Your TD's, Pitch!
Summer KickballSapphireStone, AnnieSaved by the Ball
Summer KickballSport GreyBandy, LisaThe Young & The Rest of Us
Summer KickballSport GreyLawyer, AndrewBall In The Family
Summer KickballSport GreyMarkle, KaitlynKick Ballz for Beer
Summer KickballSport GreyRicci, MikeThese Balls Aren't Going To Kick Themselves
Summer KickballTenn OrangeHarrison, EmmaGive us a name, Breswick
Summer KickballTenn OrangeWatkins, CurtisPounding Hamm's and Licking Clams
Summer KickballVegas GoldMatejkova, EvaLunch line cutters
Summer KickballVegas GoldSchrack, MargaretAlcoballics
Summer KickballWhiteParrott, VinceDominion Payroll
Summer FootballWhiteMorgan, CaptainFree Agents / Groups
Summer FootballAntique OrangeThurman, JohnWe Touchdown There!
Summer FootballBlackHwang, JustinSofa King Nice
Summer FootballCamo BlackThomas, CoreyShow Us Your TD's
Summer FootballCarolina BlueFaxon, JimmyIsland of Misfit Toys
Summer FootballJadeEaster, BrittanyHooray! Beer?
Summer FootballKiwiOConnell, JimShitty Titty Gang Bang
Summer FootballMilitary GreenRogers, ChrisThe Gazorpazorpfields
Summer FootballPinkBrockwell, WayneRVA Premier Recreation Football Team
Summer FootballRedJohnston, AlexanderThe Free Agent Team
Summer FootballRoyal Blueacosta, johnnyThe Tropics
Summer BasketballWhiteMorgan, CaptainFree Agent Singles
Summer BasketballBlackFloyd, BrittiniUnder-rated
Summer BasketballGoldMcNair, LaDelWin Ever Wherever
Summer BasketballRedJoyner, JosephRevenge of the Best Friends
Summer BasketballCardinal RedLove, JamesOle Skool
Summer BasketballPurpleMireles, SamTrust The Process
Summer DodgeballWhiteMorgan, CaptainFree Agent Singles
Summer DodgeballIndigo BlueRowley, ShaneDinosaur Ice Machine
Summer DodgeballMint GreenDiesselhorst, CurtisHoly Hand Grenade
Summer DodgeballCharcoalEhrlich-Beard, ErinDodgeball Durangos
Summer DodgeballLight BlueHagerman, AlecDodgy Style
Summer DodgeballMint GreenWalker, SheehanMighty Duckers
Summer DodgeballOrchidEwton, CourtneyTBA
Summer DodgeballDarnes, Christopher(new team)
Summer DodgeballMint GreenMannion, CaraBalls N Dolls
Summer FloorballWhiteMorgan, CaptainFree Agent Singles
Summer FloorballBlackCasanova, DanUgly Pucklings
Summer FloorballSapphireWhite, KrystaEskimo Bros
Summer FloorballYellowwalton, michelleEden Hall Warriors
Summer CornholeWhiteMorgan, CaptainFree Agent Singles
Summer CornholeRichardson, Jeff(new team)